Juana Lynae’

So this is my first time ever blogging, and I decided to blog about myself. I’m 27 I have two little boys who are my life, they are my reason for everything that I do. I’m currently an Independent Business Owner. I really enjoy and love what I do. The education and that I have received from being in this business is unbelievable. But the amazing thing about the business is our one goal is to help others by giving them a chance at success. Also, we help feed hungry children right here in the United States!!! I have been blessed in so many ways and I’m thankful for the opportunity that ACN has giving me. About fours years ago I was on a path of destruction. I was in an abusive relationship for five years.  Even when I finally got away from him, I was so lost and confused and I wasn’t sure if  I was coming or going. But being the person I am, I realized I was in need of help, and by the grace of God he pulled me through. There is so much more I could tell you but that is my past and now I’m on a new chapter in my life. The point is, know who you are. Believe in yourself and have faith in God. Trust me he will and can do it. I’m a living witness.IMG_0104


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